Colin 3rd November

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Busy again yesterday. 5 dogs and a cat to the vet for treatment and vaccinations. The good and bad of the job. In the morning picked up a poor starving podenco from Frailies. No chip. In the afernoon reunited a dog with its loving owners because they had it chipped.  Today had to take the starving Podenco from yesterday to the vets because it would not eat. He was wormed and given 2 injections to try and stimulate his appetite. If no improvement tomorrow then back again for tests, possibly the kidneys affected by the starvation. Then reunited the hunter I picked up the other day with his owner, again the chip enabled this to happen. Both dogs belonged to Spanish people so its nice to see some do have the chip done. Went to the Nieves town hall yesterday and submitted our shop application. it has to go before the council but the lady said the other shops might not like us selling second hand goods. Also there were no premises available and might not be for a while!  However I have heard of a premises in Frailies. I am following that up. I have created a guestbook here on the site so any views or comments can be left there. I am of course interested in anything you may have to say on anything re the organisation. I am also thinking of starting a 'members' system where for a small fee people could become members of HOVAR. If we have enough join us it will give us some clout with the town halls etc. Leave your thoughts on the guestpage.,

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