HOVAR 2017 Dog Show

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The Hovar Dog Show took place Sunday 29th Oct at John & Anne Shauls house and the fabulous catering was done by Colin & Lynn Buck. Many thanks to Sue McNeil who was our judge for the day. It was a great turn out with over 20 dogs participating. We also thank our sponsors of each of the classes for supporting us.

 Best Large Dog over 20kgs sponsored by Celebration Cards.

1st - Alfie/Elaine Bloomfield

2nd- Alfie/ Richard Wallace

3rd- Milo/ Sue Roberts


Best Small Dog under 20kgs sponsored by Solo Hazlo 

1st - Duque/ Hazel Roberts

2nd - Gemma / Hovar for adoption

3rd - Molly / Christina


Best Dog under 4yrs sponsored by Chris Haney Frailes Gym

1st - Teo/Gill

2nd - Babe / Patsy

3rd -  Zeus/ Richard Wallace 


Best Dog over 4yrs sponsored by John & Anne Shaul

1st - Leyla /Janni 

2nd - Charlie/ Carol

3rd - Bailey/ Anne Shaul


Best Pedigree Dog sponsored by Buena Vida Restaurant Frailes 

1st - Duque /Hazel Roberts 

2nd - Charlie / Carol 

3rd - Leyla / Janni 


Best Crossbreed Dog  sponsored by El Valle Nuevo,  Frailes 

1st - Lola / Gill 

2nd - Chica/ Julie 

3rd- Polly /Elaine Bloomfield 


Best Rescue Dog  sponsored by Debbie & George Bryers 

1st - Milo / Sue Roberts 

2nd- Leyla / Janni 

3rd - Butch/ Richard Wallace 


Best Hovar Rescue Dog sponsored by Boycie / Carol Rees

1st- Gemma / Hovar for adoption 

2nd Babe / Patsy 

3rd - Molly / Christina 


Obedience /Agility Class sponsored by Simons Autos in memory of Petrol & Diesel.

1st - Bailey / Anne Shaul

2nd - Leyla / Janni 

3rd - Chica / Julie 


Best Dog in Show sponsored by  Tipsy Terrace Restaurant, Frailes


Winner - Leyla  - Janni 


Doggies all enjoyed a few treats and a social outing and owners had a good day as well!

 516e was total raised!





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