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About 2 years ago I got involved with the British Legion in rescuing 3 dogs from a dying mans house. 2 of the dogs were to be put down because of illness and old age. I took the 2 dogs to the vets. One was a grossly overweigh and disabled large dog with breathing problems. I was present when the dog was put to sleep. As some of you will know not a pleasant thing even though I had only known the dogs for an hour. The second dog was a also grossly fat but small and old. As I lifted her on the table she had the most appealing eyes. I asked the vet if there was any hope for her. He said he would do a blood test so the dog was reprieved and I took her home pending the blood test.  She was called Sammy. She stayed with me lost a lot of weight and eventually was able to go on long walks and enjoy life in spite of her old age. I am rambling like this because she died today and we are very sad.

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