Colin 8th November

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Well a busy 3 days. Saturday we had a couple come from Javea way to view our 4 Alsations. They seemed to like them all and said they would be in touch so we await developments. Yesterday was a steralisation day. We had 7 dogs done. A long day moving dogs around and of course taking care of them after the op. All done at Sams house so she laid on food and had a lot of cleaning to do so well done to her.  We also had 2 dogs picked up yesterday, a very lively alsation X and an adorable puppy. Today another one. a sort of long haired dachsunde. Problems with this one. Firstly it almost certainly has Leishmania, it has a lot of the signs. A blood test has been taken and we should know in a couple of days. Meanwhile we have absolutely nowhere for it to go. It was also smelling awful so after the vets I gave it a bath. it smells sweeter now but it is still in my bathroom, I have nowhere else for it. Next problem is what to to if it has Leishmania that is treatable.  Our money is running out having spent 1200e in the last 3 weeks on steralising, vaccinating etc. Some would say accept that we cannot help them all but thats not easy when the dogs on the table and you have the choice of giving it a chance of life or not.  I have never been able to say no to ones before and I wont be able to with her. We are totally full unless I can find more fosterers and then the money. More dogs we can keep of course more money we need, Sam, John and I all have put varying amounts of money into HOVAR and many people have helped out in any way they can.  I have to reach more people so anyone any ideas of money raising please put comments on the guestbook page here on the site.  Tomorrow I am going with Joan from Katania who is going to assist me at the tax office to get out tax number. Once we get that we can move forward and open HOVAR up to membership. Busy day tomorrow moving dogs around. I have to pick up Stanley who has to have 10 more injections for his Leishmania. Then he has to go to the kennels as the people who have been looking after him are no longer able to do so. Jean and Dave are used to doctoring to dogs so he will be in good hands. We have started the passport procedure for 2 dogs to go to the UK in 6 months. If they find homes meantime thats fine if not then thanks again to Sam and Sue Pills efforts they will be homed in UK.  Wish me luck at the tax office. It shouls be straightforward but.................

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