Colin 9th November

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Another step forward today. I went to the tax office today along with Joan from Katania. Would you believe I walked out a short time later with the vital piece of paper with our tax number on it. Now able to open a bank account in the HOVAR name. Also shortly activate the paypal system so we can receive any donations through the web site.  Going to work out how we can invite people to become members of HOVAR as well. Was out just about the whole day moving dogs around and collecting car boot stuff. Took 2 of our big dogs, Prince and Princess to a new fosterer, John who has a large area on top of a mountain. To have another person willing to foster bigger dogs is a real help. Still awaiting blood results for the little one living in my bathroom, not all the time of course he has been out for a couple of hours.  4 dogs for vets in morning for vaccinations and Stanley to get his medication for Leishmania. He is then going to the kennels where Jean is happy to inject him.  Then down to Almoradi to pick up the newsletter from the printers.

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