Colin 10th November

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Took 2 dogs for vaccinations this morning. Picked Stanley up and took him to the kennels. Hopefully it wont take him long to adjust from the home environment he has been in for a couple of months. We will start passporting him as Sue has said he could go live in Wales. Just 7 months then. He has to go to vets tomorrow to get his further doses of medicine which will hopefully make him as fit as possible. he certainly has improved in the past few weeks.  The other dog I thought had Leishmania, Greta has indeed got it but not bad so if we spend the money she has a very good chance or recovery. She has to go tomorrow and get her medicine (Of course we have to spend the money). Both dogs will be with Jean at the kennels. Had a call from someone on the coast who wants Saphire. Looks like I will be going down there at the weekend as the lady has no transport. Collected newsletters today so you should see them around soon. Thanks to Carol in Frailies and Jenni in Hondon for distributing them around their areas. I will do La Romana on Friday. Also the posters for the table top anmd the Dog show.

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