Colin 11th Nov.

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Another step forward today. We have finally managed to open a bank account in the name of Hondon Valley Animal Rescue. This of course makes it a lot easier for anyone to donate or even set up monthly donations (Well you never know). Also collected some bric a brac including a huge fluffy gorilla. Probably raffle him at the table top sale on the 20th. Call from another lady who has a lot of stuff for me to collect next week.
Took Stanley and Greta to the vets tonight to get their medicine. Stanley just another 10 days but Greta 20 days of injections. I am very grateful to Dave and Jean who are caring for both of them including giving the injections. Not many kennels would do that for you. GretaThis is Greta. A lovely little thing. Has she been thrown out because she has leishmania or was she lost. Who knows but without the traetment she will die of organ failiure but with it she has a 80% chance of leading a long and normal life. If I get to the stage when we have not got the funds to help dogs like this then i will pack it in. I know there are too many dogs in Spain but I am not about to decide who lives and dies so we will help them if they can be helped. It will cost about 150e to treat her so please dont forget the dog show on 21st Nov. Incidentally she can be homed if anyone wants to nurse her through the treatment and enjoy her recovery.

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