Colin 17th November

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A quiet few days. I took Saphire to Campomar on Saturday. The lady was delighted with her. I am sure she will be very happy, the only dog in the house.  Today we homed Polyanna with a dutch couple returning to Holland soon. She is actually going to live with the mans mother who is a very active 93 year old. She also will be an only dog so is sure to get plenty of love and attention.  When we had the 10 dogs steralised last week we didnt know until it was all done that the vet had not used the stiches that dissolved.  So Lynne and I have visted 8 dogs today and removed the stiches. Not one dog was hurt as Lynne took great care with each one. All treated with antiseptic. The things you have to do eh. Forecast not bad for Sunday, fingers crossed.

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