Colin 21st Nov

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Well, busy but dissapointing weekend.  Gill and I did the table top sale at Central yesterday. We made €140 which was OK. Found a lady who will foster a cat in emergencies and a lady who will do Wednesday for me so that was a bonus for the day.  Dog show today was poorly attended. We made €265 which was about 400 less than the last one. Some regular supporters turned up as well as a few new faces but well down on the last time. The weather may have played a part but it wasnt that bad at the start but did get cloudy and cold later. 2 ladies actually brought some nice prizes and did a raffle for us, lovely and welcome addition to the event. I had a good team of at least 6 helpers so the actual work was less for me. Thanks to them of course. With nothing else planned before the end of the month this will be a minus month in the accounts. We had quite a number of our foster dogs here but not enough people to show them to although Sue the judge did take a shine to Judy and was nearly tempted to home her. Thanks very much to Sue for judging for us. On a light note Rex who some of you know won 2nd place in the best HOVER dog. Won incidentally by the lovely Jake who is a lovely boy but does not seem to attract attention. We have had him about 6 months.

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