Colin 22nd Nov.

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Made the decision to take 2 of our dogs to the Sanctuary. Not for money or accomodation reasons but because we feel the dogs have a better chance of finding a home there. George we have had for several weeks.  He is a beautiful but boisterous German Shephard. The other is a similar dog we have had only a few days.  The type of people who adopt from us are very unlikely to take them due to size and their lively ways.  They will be exposed to a much bigger and more receptive audience at Elda. Both would be ideal garden dogs but need a lot of stern training. This is not to say we dont or cannot home big dogs. we have and will. This was an usual decision but taken in the best interests of the dogs. They were just not happy in a kennel. At Elda they have large runs and I will keep track of their progress there. Picked up a very small puppy today. Thanks to Gill and Stu who have agreed to foster him, name Bobby. Still trying to find shop premises so if anyone knows any in Nieves or perhaps Frailies!!

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