Colin 1st December

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Finally sorted out the 2 dogs I picked up 10 days ago. One had a chip but it was a bit complicated. Dogs and owners reunited today and all are happy. Another dog to the kennels this morning. A very old and ill Shar pei. It has a chip but no news yet from the vet about the owner. A problem with 2 dogs, Gucci and Prada who we are trying to help rehome after they were abandoned by their english owners a bout a year ago. A kind ex friend of the owner has been attending to them each day for all that time with food etc. However yesterday they escaped and found their way into another yard/garden Before they were found a sheep was attacked causing injury so naturally enough the man does not want the responsibility for them so I am collecting them tomorrow and taking them into temporary kenneling. More expense we can ill afford but we are trying to contact the owner to see if he will make a contribution at least. Better still make some arrangement for them but after a year its hard to beleive he will. Please try and attend the Xmas Lunch on 16th. It will raise some money but also gets together people who have and are helping us for a social event.

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