Colin 8th December

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Two things on my mind at the moment. How to get more people to the Xmas lunch next Thursday and How to raise money. I think I am going to go to La Romana on Saturday morning with a small table. I will stand somewhere near Beckies with the Hovar board and try to sell tickets for the Lunch. Sounds desperate but I am. All the other committee members are in England so I have to make extra efforts to get some tickets sold.  With regard to money raising Dave (Kennels) has planted an idea in my head that I think has a chance. We could start a Monthly prize draw. Basically ask people to set up direct debits to our account.  Half the money donated goes into a prize draw each month. Each donation of €5 euros a month gets a draw number so of course anyone giving €10 would have two chances of winning. Two prizes of equal value so if we had 100 people giving €5 there would be 2 prizes of 125 and HOVAR would raise 250. To be discussed by the committee but I would welcome any thoughts. Put them on the Guestbook page.

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