Colin 10th December

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Picked up another dog a couple of days ago that had a chip. However the telephone number relating to it is unobtainable.  The only way to proceed is to take the dog to the pound.  They have the means to involve the police and town halls to try and trace the owner.  Just means to poor dog has to spend some time there but there really is no choice. Thats the 2nd one like that in a fortnight.  I am standing in the street in la Romana tomorrow trying to sell tickets for the lunch so will see some of you there. I am going on Sunday to collect 2 miniture Yorkshire Terriers. Somebody must want them????????????

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  1. lynda

    Can you tell me more about the yorkies.. I am still looking for a dog for my 6 year old daughter, they must be used to other dogs as we already have 3 dogs, cats, goats, hens

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