Colin 11th December

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Good weather this morning for my standing in the street in La Romana. Jean came along and between us we did do well. Sold 8 tickets  for the lunch and a chance of 6 others (Will know on Tuesday night at quiz) But also found 3 new fosterers. They are all going to kennels and taking a dog to foster. One has already taken louis. A few euros went in the tin and the new owner of Malvinas gave us a nice item to sell in the auction. Lucy supplied the tea and coffee. We spoke to  a few people who might get involved and got two promises of bric a brac so all in all well worth it.  Might try the same thing in Hondon Nieves next Saturday. Picking up the 2 Yorkies tomorrow. Amazing things happen. I have had them on the web site for a month and not an enquiry. I am picking them up tomorrow and someone phoned today. They are going to look at them tomorrow so fingers crossed.. Took Rose with me today. Admired by many but no home yet.

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  1. lynda

    We picked up Alfie and Maggiemay this afternoon and what a lovely pair of dogs they are... my mum and I are currently working on my husband so that we can have Stanley too

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