Colin 21st December

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A good day for donations. A total of €155.  110 is from persons in England through Gill so a special thanks to them. Also some nice items and a stack of books donated and collected today.  A step closer with the shop. I am meeting the shop owners on Thursday to look at the place. If suitable then we will be headed for the accountant to sort out a contract.  Not much happening on the homing front. i suppose it is not in the mind of most people at this time.  Going on Thursday to take pictures of 5 puppies. The couple found them dumped in their garden. Good people are rearing them. We cannot take them but will help to publicise them to find homes. Picked up a cat yesterday. Has ears full of spiders so needs 2 weeks treatment. My shed for 2 weeks is the best we can do.  Picked up another cat today. Thank goodness for Barbara who is fostering it.

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  1. Julie Dees

    It is the first time I have read your blog Colin and I am amazed at how much you do for the animals. I just wanted to say well done and thank you, on behalf of all the dogs and cats you help. Kind regards Julie x

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