Colin 4th January

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Went to Town hall this morning to apply for shop licence. After about an hour and the involvement of 3 officials they think we dont need to bother because we are a non profit charity. I think they are going to look into it but told to get on and open up etc and they would let me know if anything required. Indeed they might actually give us a small grant!!. We shall see. Saw John at shop. he is going to do our partitions for just the material expenses. What a gent and a great help. Picked up some nice items this afternoon from a lady at Barbarroja who had seen the advert in TIM.  Going to Monovar tomorrow afternoon to pick up some more. A surround sound system and a lot of glassware included. We may have a home for Princess and Judy as well so positive things. Dave and Jean at the kennels have donated a months kennel fees for all our dogs. Worth several hundred euros. How good is that and thanks of course to them.

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