Colin 10th January

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Picked up 2 dogs the other day found at a quarry near Frailies. One a gentle natured female Alsation. She is the thinnest dog I have picked up, really really thin. She is awaiting Leishmania results. is eating well and getting on well at the kennels. The one with her was a small x. For unknown reasons she died during the night.  We have had all our dogs at the kennels vaccinated against kennel cough. It is around at the moment and Dave and Jean have rightly said that all dogs going there have to be protected so vet turned out and did them all. Gives them cover for 12 months. Whilst not normally fatal it is very distressing for dog and owner so worth doing.  2 volunteers spent several hours yesterday sorting clothes at my house ready for the shop opening. Still more to do but we have a lot now ready for taking to the shop. Thanks to John the partitions are done. some shelves up and could be finished in a couple of days so we can start moving things in.  Have sorted insurance (well Jean has really done it) €188 for the shop.  I have today sent to the printers details of our scheme to open the organisation to everyone by inviting them to become members for €10 a month but half of this goes into a prize draw every month. The printers are producing 5,000 leaflets for distribution. I will be trying to get them in the free papers, round the shops and bars and of course in the shop.

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