Colin 20th January

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Sad day today.  We had a lovely black labrador called Louis. He was homed on Monday and seemed fine. Yesterday however he killed one of their small dogs who was 15 years old. He was obviously returned to us. The family were distraught. The children witnessed the attack. There is no way we would try and rehome a dog that has shown serious aggresion or violent behaviour to other dogs or people so we had to have him put to sleep. Whilst justified it is still a very upsetting experience as anyone who has had a dog put to sleep will know. Not all joy doing this job. On a brighter note Biscuit has found a home down on the coast, he is going tomorrow.  The shop is ready for opening 10am Saturday thanks to the efforts of several volunteers who have spent many hours getting it ready. Tickets selling quiete well for the Spanish night next Wednesday but still some left.

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