Colin 29th January

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Sorry its been a while. I have picked up several lots of good shop stuff in the last few days and have 3 pick ups booked for next week so all good on that front. Our first 4 day week has yielded €225. Very happy with this for first week considering bad weather and little publicity so far. Picked up 2 dogs in last week. Princess is going to a new home on Monday, we have high hopes for Hope and Stanley so some movement.  Homed the quickest dog ever yesterday. Me and Jean called to pick up a puppy found by the man from the Fogon rest at Frailies. He had picked it up from the Aspe Road literally cowering in the road. A most unusual looking dog. Is only a few weeks old but will be very big. Covered in mud and other smelly stuff but Jean fell instantly in love and immediately wanted to have her for her own so all being well homed in 2 minutes! (It has to get on with the others to be sure). She is called Elsa because she has a head and face like a lyon!

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  1. Julie Dees

    Nice one Jean, she is lovely, all the best with her.

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