Colin 22nd February

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Been sorting at the shop today. Taking away some stuff thats not going to sell now, heaters etc and moving things around as well as putting some new stuff in. Going over Fortuna way tomorrow for some items.  Unfortunate event yesterday. A lady is taking temporary care of a stray dog over in Barbarroja. When out walking it chased and caught one of the village cats. It had a badly broken leg and a large hole in its gut.  We took it to Salvador where the hole was sewn up.  I have taken it back tonight as he is going to try and pin the leg so will know tomorrow if it will survive.  Yes its a stray village cat but thats what we are raising money for to help such animals so whilst it is a bit costly (He is doing it at a very special rate) I beleive we are right to do it. Tickets for Dinner Dance are now in the shop!!!

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