Colin 25th February

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Hectic day yesterday. Sterilisg day so started off at Sams house trying to catch some that live in her garden. Caught a lovely friendly Siamese type. Good start!  Then trapped a huge tom cat who wasent happy. Trying to get it into a cat box I got several bites and scratches even though I had gloves. Sunk its long teeth into both hands and I had to release it. Judging by the holes and pains in my hands this morning it was a tiger. Didnt manage to catch anymore. I think the noise that one made warned every cat in the valley off. Then with Jeans help got dogs and cats sterilised. Another hole in the funds but job well done. Went to vets in among this to collect cat with broken leg. He hadent been able to do it because the cat has infection so still waiting to see if it will survive. Only a village cat I know but I am really rooting for it to survive as if it was my own. Took Prince as well as he is still getting thinner. Vet is doing a second Leishmania test as he says sometimes the first one can be wrong! Met some caring people at the sterilising including a Spanish lady who is paying to have feral cats who live at the back of her shop to be sterilised. A long busy day. I got home at 9pm. Out today with posters for Dinner Dance. Must be a good turn out, also need some auction items so any ideas welcome.

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