Colin 28th February

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Went to Terris on Saturday morning . She had rescued a crying dog from a large water deposito behind a warehouse over the road from her house. She did well to find it.  The dog had got through a open gate in a fence surrounding the water. Sadly there were also 2 large dogs and a cat dead in the water. Because of the depth etc we could not recover them but looks like they had been in there for a while.  We did of course secure the gate.  Back to the living dog Terrie and a friend managed to get out.  It has a chip. Happy ending you may think. If only, according to the vet and what they have been told this chip is not recorded anywhere in europe. Rarely is it simple eh.  The cat with the broken leg is still at the Vets waiting for the op.  Prince has not got Leishmania so we are putting it on high cost food to see if that makes a difference. All the others thrive on the food but the vets says he maybe is the exception and need something else so we will weigh him again in 2 weeks.  Bono and Hattie are all done and ready for off to Belgium in 2 weeks time.. Have had orders for a dozen tickets tonight for the Dinner Dance so that has cheered me no end, just a few more to go.. Putting a lot of new stock in the shop tomorrow.

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