Colin 7th March

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We had our first prize draw on Saturday. 2 winners each receive 25e. A small and steady start but it will build up. Both winners have been informed. Eli and Sue are the lucky people.  Did a real rescue today. I was stopped by a dutchman not far from my house. Pure chance it was me.  He had found a dog trapped in a large disused deposito nearby. I went and got my ladders and assistance, Jean was already going to the vets with me. I needed the ladder to get down into the deposito. A small podenco it was, very frightened and trying to jump the walls. Eventually I calmed it down and managed to catch it and rescue it. The dutchman thinks I am a dog whisperer!. Well done to Jean who overcame her fear of heights and ladders to climb down as well.. I have been given 2,000 yes 2,000 videos. Badly need some old video players as I have orders for 2 at the shop already and with all these videos maybe I can sell some more!!. Ticket sales for the Dinner Dance going pretty well, about another 20 to go so come on, you dont get many chances to get dressed up. Picked up 2 more dogs in last few days. Have too many in the kennels so any fosterers would be welcome.

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  1. Susan Flageul

    Keep up the good work Colin, we are all so proud of you for what you have achieved. Will be over from 26th of the month and we are desperate to find scruffy little dog/s so in need of your help. Looking forward to meeting up, sorry we will miss the dinner, please can we request an event whilst we are over in June????!!!!!

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