Colin 19th March

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Sorry for the silence lately. Plenty been happening but didnt get to put it on here. Back and hopefully regular. Homed several dogs since the last post including 3 gone to Belgium and Luxembourg. 4 others locally so things picking up.  In same period we have picked up 6 so just in front! Had 3 more members join us so slowly but surely for that. On the more unusual front I went out to remove a dog that had been killed in an accident some time ago. As you may know they tend to get left at the side of the road. This was proving very distressing for a lady so I did remove it as a act of kindnest but not something I would routinely do but will always attend to check for a chip even if the dog is dead.  On a brighter note we had a great night last night at the Fogon. 85 people attended and spent well. Raised €1400 altogether thanks to some generous bidding on auction items. 2 of our regular and best supporters spen a lot of cash. They know who they are and I love them dearly (Females of course) Good food, company and entertainement, Al was very good as usual. The highlight of the evening was when we auctioned a bottle of quality whiskey given by a generous scotsman (go on I will name him, Malcolm) only to find it was only half full!!  The poor man had brought the wrong bottle.  He was somewhat embarassed and swears it was a mistake!. Brought a full bottle to the shop today to give to the winning bidder and we sold the half bottle as well so a good laugh and a good amount of cash from the whiskey. Thanks to all our sponsors who paid well for everything except the 'Chef for the day' which only raised €25. I am that chef and am definately worth more than that, where were my friends when i needed them?? A good night and I believe enjoyed by all, hopefully they will retun on 24th Sptember for the next one. I think we will be over subscribed so book your places early.

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  1. Ants

    I think you should auction 'a days hard work' as well as a chef for the day :) ... not so much odd job man, more hard labour man.

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