Colin 26th March

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Keeping up the average takings in the shop and still a good deal of goods coming in so all fair on that front.  We took a little dog into the shop yesterday that had been found wandering a few days ago. A lovely little chap and good news. A lady has taken him and providing he gets on with her cats he has a home so fingers crossed.   The same lady is also storing some large items for us and she bought the large unit we had so what a star, thank you Doreen. We are thinking of taking out paid advertising down on the coast to try and rehome. There are just not enough people moving in round the Hondons. We may gave to travel a bit but so be it. Worth i try I think.  See what it costs first!

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  1. ants

    im sure i suggested going further affield about a year ago!! Maybe mum needs to be helping in the shop then now that your other helpers are going to be traveling

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