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We continue to do well in the shop with more Spanish people coming in. You may remember I mentioned about 5 weeks ago a cat that had been attacked in Barbarroja. Badly injured and broken leg. Salvador could not operate because of infection. Well it has survived to have the operation to put a metal plate in its leg. I brought it home yesterday. Now living in shed. It still has an open wound requiring daily cream treatment. If ever a cat deserved to survive it is this one but it has no home. Now completely friendly after five weeks of daily care from 3 vets. So if you know anyone who could take it PLEASE let me know. It has obviously cost some money but only a fraction of what it should have been thanks to Salvadors love of cats and HOVAR.  Also had another cat brought to us yesterday. Found in Aspe area, a big friendly tabby so another in the other shed!!

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