Colin 5th April

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Out and about today. Ended up at the vets with, Harry, large black and white dog found in Frailies just for vaccinations. Flipper the podenco who has had bad toilet problems for 3 weeks despite various treatments, blood test taken from him. Ginger the cat with the plated leg for  a check up and Rag, tag and Bobtail, 3 puppies I picked up this morning that had been dumped in somebodies garden who have been given worm tablets. So quiet a van load. Need somewhere for the 3 pups. We will take them to the shop everyday and hope they find homes quickly. They are at the kennels but they are not really geared up for pups so has to be short term.  Ordered 30 Scalibor collars today for all our dogs. Cheapest way to offer protection in the long run and offers the best protection from the Leishmaniosis fly. 300euros but well worth it. Bought on the web from UK so providing there is no nasty tax problems at customs they are very much cheaper than here.

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