Colin 23rd April

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Sorry for so few posts, all sorts of problems.  However we are determined to go from strength to strength. Shop still doing well with plenty of gifts and sales but both always welcome so give me a call if you are clearing out anything,.  I have had a cat and her 4 kittens in my shed for a fortnight. They are now eating  as well as suckling so I took them to the shop yesterday in the hope I could home at least one.  A MIRACLE occured. A new family has moved into the area, a lovely couple and 3 nice kids.  They took them all together and they want one dog. I nearly cried with delight, sometimes this job is good. So welcome John and family to this beautiful valley.  Still got the injured Ginger but he got some sympathetic attention yesterday so I think he will melt someones heart. Still slow homing dogs especially the big ones. Thanks to Dave and Jean they are safe and happy but we are full so anymore at the moment and we are really struggling.  Seems to be a lot of interest in the auction next Sunday so fingers crossed for good attendance and the weather of course. Came back from UK with a cold caught from my grandaughter so been feeling very down for a few days but on the mend now.

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