Colin 31st May

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So long since my last post. A lot happening but still should have done more.  We currently have 35 dogs including several pups. Had a dog show on Sunday. Could have done with a few more there but still we made some 430e.  The funds were boosted by the sale of some house items. Last week we were given some pieces from a house clearence in Aspe. Sold some on Sunday for 230e. The shop is doing well and is now open longer hours for the summer and with the help of 2 more volunteers now open 5 days and 3 evenings. Homed 2 puppies at the dog show. One going to belgium this week and 3 to UK next month but still have too many in kennels, 23 at the moment. Cats doing well with a few kittens homed recently. Collected 2 lots of bric brak today and received a good lot in shop yesterday so that side doing well. All efforts now on homing in the area and beyond.

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