Colin 14th June

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Another week gone. I do mean to put more on here!  Someone coming tomorrow to look at Alba so a chance for her. At this time we have 19 males, 9 females, 6 puppies and several cats so still a few to go. However 4 of them are going to UK next month. I am having a 'break' driving to the UK with Sam and the dogs. I wont call it a holiday as those of you who have driven to Calais in 2 days will know its hard work!  Collected some nice things lately for the shop and the next auction so thanks to those who have donated. Shop doing well although quiet on the 3 nights we open, maybe need to reconsider that. Am working out the details of a dog walk on an evening in July with food etc and also a pampering day to be held at our treasurers house in August. Details on events page soon.  Why cant I get people from La Romana over to the shop? Any ideas let me know.

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