Colin 23rd June

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Not bad at all lately. The shop has had 2 record weeks, i suppose it should with more people around so long may it continue.  We are not just hoarding the money. We are having 8 dogs started on the passport procedure with a view to them going to the UK in 7 months time IF they have not found homes here by then. It is costly but there is a virtual guarantee of homes eventually for them.  4 going to the Uk and 2 to Belgium next month. Also homed 3 locally in the last week so some movement thank goodness. Picked some nice items up in last 3 days so again very positive. A nice his and hers and auction day is being arranged for middle of August so watch events page. Started a raffle in the shop for a monthly draw ti win a basket of goodies, not bad so far with that as with the new membership scheme. Please join if you can. I had a meeting a few days ago with the people from Adoptomatice, they do a similar job to us in the Novelda area. Mainly Spanish involved with them but we picked up some hints etc from them and they from us.

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