Colin 31st July

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So long since my last post. It is not as if nothing is happening but by the time I get the computer (House been full of visitors for a month) I am knackered and cant think never mind type. All gone now so maybe a bit more frequent. Dogs continue to come in faster than they go out. The kennels are overloaded so some having to go to Elda tomorrow. Took in one a week or two ago that appears to have fits, thats going to be difficult to sort out.  The one really bright spot is the shop. Doing very well thanks to many givers and buyers. Especially doing well with dutch people who are providing great support, just need them to take a few dogs eh!  Have built a new clothes rail in shop which seems to have won approval from staff and customers. Still more to do this week in there to provide a better shopping experience (Sounds good that) We had a record day in the shop on Saturday taking 180e. More people taking up membership as well but many more required so tell your friends please. We have some great supporters who give us great incentive to carry on with renewed vigour. You know who you are and I thank you on behalf of our volunteers who love to be kept busy in the shop.

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