Colin 15th Sept.

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A good few days really, picked up 5 dogs but homed 3 so!!!  Lovely this morning when we returned an old dog found yesterday to an old Spanish couple who had lost her on Sunday. Took some detective work but a happy ending. Also homes a puppy tonight to a lovely and supportive Dutch couple from the area. One of the best things about this job is the people I meet. Today I picked up some stuff (Including a full drum kit!) from a Norwegian lady with a greek partner, lovely hospitable people, then Dutch people adopted the puppy. I have also met Belgium, Swedish and american people who along with all my welsh,scotish,irish and English friends all have one thing in common. Their love of the animals and a desire to help us in what we do. Even now getting some spanish people bringing and buying items in the shop so surely we should go from strength to strength. Still plugging away at the Dinner Dance ticket sales. About 60 so far but the place can take 90 so we keep trying. Speaking to people this week who did not know we had a shop in Nieves even though they go there every week, they know now though! I am helping out on Sunday evening at the Gastronomic event in La Romana so if any of you are going there say hello. (I will have tickets in my pocket)

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