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Yesterday was a real up and down day, started well and ended badly.  In the morning we took 100e in the shop, we sold 4 tickets more for the Dinner Dance, we received 125€ donations for homing 2 dogs, one a while ago and the other Tom, a puppy the day before. All from lovely dutch people.  We then homed a dog, Dottie the dalmation found a home with someone who already has a dalmation so hopefully all will be very happy. So a good morning and I forgot we were offered a good lot of stuff I am collecting on Tuesday.  However last night bad news, a dog we picked up a couple of days ago has killed another dog in his pen. First day a dog was biten but not badly but yesterday tragedy when he has chocked Henry by just holding his throat.  Awfully sad for both dogs. First time anything like this has happened.  Needless to say we cant keep the big dog. He is fine with people but clearly not other dogs.  I know we can get all sorts of explanantions why it happened but at the end of the day who would want a dog like that?  Back to the good news, we have 2 lots of people going to look at our big dogs with a view to taking one so fingers crossed.  A lot of what I do is very satisfying ie yesterday morning but events like last night are the other side of the coin but have to be dealt with.  More bad news today, my famous white van is giving in to old age. The reversing gear has gone, sounds expensive doesnt it. Tomorrow I will find out. Still afew tickets left for Saturday so if you are thinking about it, go on cheer me up.

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