Colin 21st Sept.

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Oh what a mixed day. Started off with a simple plan, to go to Sams garage and move our stuff to the new store house. This after taking my poorly van to Simon for repairs to the gear box. On my way to Sams I got a call about a large black dog causing problems in a field at Frailies so change of course. After some searching found the Belgian Shepherd in an olive grove. He was guarding his mate who was attempting to get away but couldnt. She obviously had a serious leg injury.  Because she couldnt run I was able to make friends and eventually the male gave himself up. Had to then get the vehicle over the fields to pick up injured girl. Eventually sorted and got her to the vets. Thank goodness they were chipped and have now been returned to loving owners after they had escaped last night. The bitch has 2 fractured bones, must have been caught in a trap I think.  Then discovered the offer of the house yesterday had fallen through but thanks to Irene who has given us use of her casita. Should do the job as its pretty big.  Vets again in the evening with a dog abandoned at Sams. Raw ears due to ticks but now at kennels with creams etc. Kennels are full, just cannot take anymore there. Call from lady tonight who has to return to UK for serious op and will not be able to return. She has a terrier with 2 pups. What can I say, I am seeing her tomorrow. Other things happened but wont bore you anymore. Just had call from garage, major repairs to gear box required. Could be well into next week. Ups and downs eh.

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