Colin 22nd Sept

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Another hectic day. At 8am I got a call from the Guarda Civil saying they had captured an injured dog. I went out and met them. The dog was medium size, pointer cross, very thin and boney. Its back leg was wrapped in a dirty blood soaked bandage. Of to the vets. The leg was smelling, it took several minutes to get the bandage off. Not a pretty sight. The leg was badly broken with the bone sticking out, blood began pouring from the area of the break. Salvador said he would operate but no guarantee he could stop the bleeding or we could put the dog to sleep. We had to try so the dog was rushed into surgery. Salvador phoned tonight to say the operation had worked although he had to cut away some of the bone so it would always have a limp but high hopes it would survive. I am collecting her in the morning. A  nice touch as well. About an hour ago the Guarda Officer who found her phoned to see how the dog was. He was very happy it is still alive.  2 cats brought into shop, nowhere to put them but thanks to Sams contacts they have been given a home.  Tonight was AGM. Went OK with only a handful of people but some good ideas. I admit to getting somewhat heated at one stage.  It has been a really busy stressfull week with dead and injured animals, my van of the road and likely to be a bit of money, I have scratched the one I am borrowing but what the hell.

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