Colin 26th Sept.

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The dinner dance on Saturday went very well. Over 90 people attended and spent well. Many thanks to you all. 1300€ was raised so great event. Food was very good. Thanks to Alan for doing the raffle.  2 people made serious enquiries about dogs as well so see if they follow up.  Lovely to see so many countries represented as well.  Faith went to the vet tonight (Along with 7 others) Her leg is infection free so that is good. The plate is very visible as there was no skin to cover it but it should grow again eventually. She is such a lovely natured dog. How can people treat them as they do sometimes. Mia had a blood test to see how her Leishmania is going. She was not keen at all. It took a muzzle and 3 of us to hold her down. Such a strong dog.  7.30 before we got back to kennels, then had to go and pick up 4 puppies. Fortunately the 3 we homed last week made room for Chloe to take the new ones. This lady and her partner really are a godsend as not many are keen to foster the pups. They are in good hands. Moved a lot of stuff from Sams garage to our new store. Helped by 3 men who are working at Sams house. On my own it would have taken forever so thanks to them and their large van.  A 10 hour day today but a lot done. Jean spent the day at the shop getting ready for the clothes sale which starts tomorrow so maybe see some of you during the week.  Winter type clothes go in next week so clearing at least some of the Summer clothes at 1€ a time.

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