Colin 12th October

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Went out today to a call from a spanish lady re an ill treated dog with 4 puppies. A complicated tale but basically a shepherd has a dog who has had 4 puppies. they were left in a field. The shepherd was seen hitting the dog and damaging its leg.  A local old man then 'rescued' the dog and its pups when the shepherd was away. He now has them in a garage.  I cant just take them away as they belong to the Shepherd. I have given the man and a lady helping him the number of the Guardia Serpona but they say this shepherd has been denounced before but nothing is done and they are frightened of him.  Without a complaint from them of course nothing will be done. The man is going to ask the Shepherd to sign a disclaimer after which I have agreed to take the dogs. Not strictly what we do but in this case we have to help.  Sterilising day tomorrow and Thursday so busy.  Also have to sort out a boxer found starving with tumours on its leg and breast. It is chipped but owner cannot be contacted on phone so I am going to Town Hall to get Police to try and trace owner, Faith with the broken leg is progressing well but will always have a limp. Still have 2 cats based in my shed. 2 tiny kittens brought in shop today, thanks to Barbara who doesnt mind feeding them every 2 or 3 hours!  Shop still going well. Sold 3 lots of furniture last week so boosted the takings.

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