Colin 21st October

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Been a busy week with ups and downs. Saddest event was that we had to have Flipper put to sleep. We have tried for about 4 months to solve his bowel problem but to no avail. He stopped eating and was clearly near the end so we had to do the best thing for him at that stage.  On the brighter side we have homed 6 dogs, 5 went to Belgium last night and one locally. Still have 43 though!.  Picked up a large dog 2 days ago. Looks like a galgo podenco cross. Very emaciated and just about able to stand.  Got the vet out and she thinks he should recover his muscle strength etc given time and good food.  He had a small round burn mark on his forehead which she believes and so do I is a cigarette burn. Evil people around eh.  Now in the kennels and eating well etc so should make a good recovery.  Had 10 dogs sterilised this week.

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