Colin 19th November

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Such a long time since my last post, must must try harder.  Been very busy lately. The fun night on Thursday last was very good. Well looked after and fed at Beckis in La Romana. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event. We raised 334€. Need all the money we can get at the moment with big vets bills due to operations on 2 dogs. Also work has been done to improve our kennels at Jean and Daves with cement floors and drainage put in. Homed several dogs in last couple of weeks but taken plenty in. 9 puppies in last few days including 5 from a local shepherd. They have various problems but should be OK. Some kind soul left 9 puppies in a box outside the school in La Romana yesterday. They were taken to the Piensos who found homes for 5 of them so we have 4 with us. Only about 4 weeks old so need bottle feeding so I dont know if the 5 that were homed have a good chance of survival.  Very sad news about the boxer Maggie who had the operation to remove the growths. At first it looked like cancer. Then it didnt but now a biopsy has shown it is and there is nothing can be done so she will have to be put to sleep. To see her you wouldnt think she was ill but the tests say it is very aggresive so we have no choice. Met the new owner of the old Finca Rotez today. Very keen to help us in any way so look forward to working with them to raise money and profile. Shop continues to do well but the donations are slowing down. Competion everywhere. New Charity shop in La Romana, another reopening in Frailies, the streetcat one in Frailies and the community one in Nieves so lots of people chasing the goods.  We have very good numbers of buyers but need to ensure supplies. Now opening Monday morning as well so 6 days a week from 10-2.

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