Colin 4th January

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Such a long time since last one. Must and will do better.  Been a turbulent time lately on the personal front with new grandson born and ill for a while and then I was ill. Was in UK for a while so many thanks to Jean and Dave who kept things moving on the doggy front and looked after shop matters with the valuable support of the volunteers. Thanks to all.  Homed a fair few dogs in the last few weeks (See relevant page). New dogs coming in of course. We have a fosterer who is looking after 3 dogs but we are losing another who is returning to UK so swings etc on that front.  Shop ticking over but quiter but so is everywhere at this time of year so just have to accept that for now. Sterilising a number of dogs tomorrow. We have to curb the spending so have decided to only sterilise females in the future but offer anyone taking a male dog cheap castration. We are planning a fun night at the El Romero in Barbarroja. The new owners have expressed support for us and are willing to help in any way with dos and some fundraising.

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