Colin 29th January

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A day of note. Our van with 9 dogs (5 rescue dogs) and a cat has arrived in the UK after a 24 hour dash fro Hondon. Thanks to Dave, Sue and Lynne for getting them there and Sam for making it possible. All have gone to good homes. We hope to repeat the trip in a few weeks with Tom and Jerry and others. There may be places for non rescue dogs and cats for anyone returning to UK.  We have homed 18 dogs in a few weeks. The fun night on Thursday at El Romero was very well supported and a sell out. The food was agreed by all as excellent. It was a good night. The only complaint was that it was cold in there at the start of the night. I passed this on to Thomas. We will have another do there in the summer when the courtyard will be in use. We have booked another fun night. This time in Nieves at the Bar Central, only 40 places so should sell them.  A bit better in the shop this week but everwhere is quiet, just not a lot of people around. Very pleased my dog with the broken leg Faith has found a home. She was with me for about 5 months and I was really attached to her but she has gone to be an only dog so I know its a good deal for her.

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