Colin 14th March

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Been a while hasent it!! We have been working and busy as those of you around Nieves will know. Been a few more donations recently so shop ok. In fact last week was excellent with some beds and a fridge freezer boosting the takings. No dogs homes for a few days but none picked up so steady away there.  We had a tiny pup, well maybe 5/6 weeks brought in the shop Saturday.It had been left in a shoe box at someones gate. We were lucky that 2 ladies came in and have taken it for a few weeks anyway.  Tickets going well for the DD on the 31st, we still have about 20 left so will really be pushing them for the next couple of weeks. We have 3 dogs going to Germany next week and 3 going to the UK the week after. We (Jean really) have been trying for nearly 3 months to sort out a change of ownership for a dog called Fred that we homed in December. The person it was chipped to couldnt sign the exchange papers(a long long story) so we had to do it throught town halls. What a performance!! However we are almost sure it will be sorted next week. A triumph for perseverance for sure.

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  1. Sam

    Glad to see you back Colin!!

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