Colin 17th March

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A good day today. We took 123€ in the shop. Sold 6 more Dinner Dance tickets and several fashion show tickets and best of all homed a dog. A pointer called Freya who was found a few weeks ago in a very poor state. She had loads of character and was selected from several pointers by someone who particularly wanted that type of dog.  He says his friend might well take another one so fingers crossed.  Now sold over 80 tickets for the dinner dance but still a few left. Going next week to a place near Dolores to take a lot of clothes that are good but not just right for the shop. Thank goodness we get plenty so can afford to be selective to maintain the quality at a cheap price tag.  This place pays 30c a kilo for useable clothes so we will give it a try and see if it works out.  Dave and Jean are away for a few days so I am feeding, cleaning the Hovar dogs at the kennels. Dont mind of course but will have to put the alarm on, they like feeding early. Havent needed to do that for a while, get up early that is.

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