Colin 26th March

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Some good news today. Rebecca who has been with us since a puppy, about 9 months has a home locally. Barnaby is going to the UK. A lady in England has given us £120 donation. A van load of goods for the shop arrived tonight. We have over 100 at the dinner dance on Saturday, A dog at the kennels who is a private booking but was going to the UK next week has given birth to 4 puppies! Puppies cannot go to UK until 15 weeks old so mother and pups are in the hospital kennel which is a lovely private little area where she will be left to be a good mum for 8 weeks. Then mum will be ready for UK and we will help to find homes for the pups. Mum is small so maybe the pups will not be too big!  We have homed 30 dogs so far this year. Remarkable really but thanks to Sam in UK, Helena and Sylvie (German bound dogs) who between them have homed about half. Others locally so that is also great going. Still picking them up but to be homing more than we are rescuing is a great moral boost to all concerned.

On the down side Foxi has to have a second lot of Leishmania jabs. However he is so improved since first rescued there is every hope he will recover well after this treatment. All our dogs now have Scalibor collars.

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