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Sorry I have not been on. I was away for a few days but thats no excuse.  Max and Smudge went to Belgium yesterday. Lindy is going to UK on Monday. So pleased for her. It is 18 months since we rescued her and her 2 pups from a rabbit warren. Pups were homed a long time ago. Lindy lived with me for a year before my growing dog started to attack her. She is no fighter and became very unhappy here so she went to kennels but really didnt like it. She has been with another fosterer for a month and has become the happy dog she was. Now going to be an only dog with a family in Yorkshire. 4 more going to UK at the end of the month.  Also 2 pups going to a couple near Valencia. Sponsored dog walk in the morning from Village Inn in La Romana,starts 10.30 organised by Marianne. We are taking 8 of our kennel dogs for people to walk. Never know we may home one as well as raising a few euros.  Must moan about something here. We have our HOVAR account with the Ruralcaja bank in Nieves. I went in there on Friday to put 500€ in coin, mainly 1€'s into our account. I sat there for 15 minutes waiting for my turn. As it was about to be my turn the manager said words to the effect that I could not pay coins in at the beginning or the end of the month as they were too busy and told me to 'come back next week'  I was so humiliated and stunned I just left without a word. I will be going back next week alright but it will be to close the account!  A bank that wont take my money to put in my account, now that must be unusual. Maybe they all do that but I shall ask when we go to the new bank to open an account. Just wish I had thought quicker at the time. I could have done a great Basil Fawlty or Victor Meldrew show along the lines 'o sorry i thought this was a bank' etc.

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