Colin 8th May

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Well two puppies gone to a new home near Valencia today. The lovely Bernie and Sophia have gone to the same family so hopefully will have a long and happy life together. Lindy leaves for the UK on Friday. The sponsored dog walk on Sunday was a great success. Whilst there were not many walkers those that did raised around 500€. Thanks to Marianne, Julie, Karen and Jean who raised that between them and of course to those who sponsored them. We have decided to buy a video camera as many believe that it would be of great assistance to people especially from out of the area to get a better view of the dogs than just a photo.  A good marketing tool avilable now for a modest sum compared to years ago. Things going well in the shop especially with clothes. I am hoping summer visitors will leave their cases at home. For about 20€ they could get shoes and clothes for the holiday from the shop! Well it would be nice if they did.  Leave them damn kindle things at home (sand is bad for them) and select from our huge range of books. Spent just about the whole day resorting all the stuff I have under tarp outside so I could get more there as I have promises of two large lots to be collected in the near future. Really need some storage somewhere. May have enough for an auction in June.

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