Colin 13th May

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An up and down day for sure. A call early this morning to a dog in El Canton. A search found it trying to get a drink from the fountain. I have never seen a dog in such a state, no fur on its face, all four legs had skin missing and bare down to the bone. Bleeding from the forehead (I suspect it had been hit with a stone) It must have been ill for a while. Straight to Salvadors but nothing he could do for it, covered in ticks and so enimic to add to the problem. He tried but it was dying so was put to sleep. Very sad and I dont like this job sometimes. On a better note Lindy should have arrived with her new owners in Sheffield. A good ending for her. Getting a video camera tomorrow to help with advertising the dogs abroad. So watch our Facebook page for that. Not sure if they can go on webpage as it might slow it down but will see. We now have nearly a thousand followers on Facebook.

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