Colin 16th May

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Too many dogs coming in this week including three in one hour this afternoon. Had arranged to meet vet at kennels to chip an England bound dog. Just as I was setting off got a call about a dog out at Bayon so called there. It was a bitch with a lot of red setter in her, very thin and tired looking but not bad besides some. At kennels when lady phoned with story about a pointer found in a bag in the big green bins near Frailies. She is a dirty but healthy girl who was in great danger of going through the crusher if she didnt suffocate first. How can anyone do that?  Then Lou turned up with a big boy who is in a terrible condition, Leishmania, and also very aggresive even though he could hardly walk. He is too far gone to save him.  Anyway took short videos, yes we finally have a camera and posted them on our facebook site. Now have almost 1000 followers on there so cross fingers more homes in UK as there are very few here.

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