Colin 21st May

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Steady last few days but they still come in. Picked two largish dogs up on Sunday. One was a Lively male Podenco. Due to both lack of space and possibility of homing it we took it to Elda. More chance of being homed there with the spanish country/farming people. We have 6 dogs similar, pointers and podencos we have had for a long time. I think they are lovely and intelligent dogs but they just dont get homed very often so we really have to take anymore like this to Elda. The danger is we end up with a kennel full of them and the others that we can home will have no space. Hard choices but at Elda they have a much greater chance. If we had a hundred kennels!! We had 3 kittens brought to us on Sunday. Ferral ones so not friendly to say the least. So difficult a problem as we all know. Nobody will foster them and nobody wants to home them. However they are in my shed and IF they can be handled and made friendly then maybe but we just cannot take in ferral cats. Shop doing well with 2 for 1 offer on all books for the next few weeks hope to catch the holiday market, or at least those without Kindle.

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